This month Mangoes has been lucky to have done some marketing work for Sundowner Camels one of the three camel operators on Cable Beach, Broome. We designed a brochure and logo for them to promote their famous rides along the beach It’s great to be promoting one of Broome’s iconic products and to be working with owner Steve Madden, who was one of the original camel operators in Broome.

marketing tours in Broome

marketing tours in Broome

Marketing Broome’s iconic activity

Steve is a real character and was originally the owner of the red camels, now Red Sun Camels . Back then Steve was the only camel operator on the beach. Now competition is fierce, so Steve wanted a brochure to stand out from the crowd. He knew exactly what he wanted and Mangoes gave him just that.

It you visit Broome you really do have to experience this unique activity. The camels are very friendly and full of character. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable ride – learning about these majestic beasts while taking in the breathtaking sunset over the Indian Ocean. Steve was the first person to cross the dead heart of the Simpson desert with camels solo
and unaided from Alice Springs to Bridsville. He played an integral part in putting this iconic Cable Beach camel tour on the map in the late 90’s. With over 25 year’s experience in all facets of the camel industry including tourism, export, racing and training camels, he is full of fascinating stories and facts.

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