Website development that generates sales

Most businesses in Broome and the Kimberley think that they need to have a website, and they are right. A business cannot hope to be successful in the modern world without being able to communicate with customers online. Website development is still the most effective way of doing this. There are those that think that having a good Facebook page is enough – that they can do all of their online communications through social media and Facebook. Mangoes Marketing is a strong believer in the power of social media, particularly Facebook. It is, quite simply, an extremely effective and powerful marketing communication tool. But we would always recommend our clients to have a modern, mobile responsive website. What ever your business, website should be at the centre of your online marketing strategy.
Mangoes marketing develops websites for businesses in Broome, the Kimberley, the Pilbara and all over Australia. That is the beauty of our digital age, time differences and distance are no longer a barrier to business. With the right website in place, with effective SEO, there is no reason why a Broome based manufacturer should not be competing with a Sydney based business for a contract based in Brisbane. Mangoes recently built a website for a tour operator in South Australia – even though there are 4,500km between us! The operator Kangaroo Island Tours was impressed with the Mangoes Marketing online communications. So if it works for us – it can work for you too.

A website should be your main sales tool – your marketing hub. A website lets a business tell a customer everything they might want to know about your business and your product. It is the place to promote your brand, your values and, above all generate some business! With the right key words and content your website can be generating sales withing weeks of launch. Supplement it with social media marketing and you are immediately expanding your audience. It is actually pretty simple.

The skill to website development is not the clever design, fancy animations and complicated coding. The skill to website development is finding a website developer that understands your business, your ambitions and your audience and is able to present that though words and pictures in an effective way. If you are looking for a new website developer in Broome, Mangoes Marketing would be happy to talk to you. Why not get in touch with Tom to discuss how a new website can help your business grow.

Website development that will see your business grow