Mangoes Marketing, Broome, says: Don’t trust website developers to deliver websites that will grow your business…

So you need a website. What do you do? Well many of us will look for a website designer, which would seem to make sense. But it is a mistake. Most website developers will be able to build pretty websites – but is it right for your business? Does it appeal to your target market? Does it generate sales?

What doesn’t a website developer do…
Website developers will, most likely, have studied computing at college alternatively they will have studied graphic design. This means they know how to build a Word Press website and they probably know how to make it look nice. But this is only a small part of building successful websites. Does a website developer know how to create great content? Can they pick the right pictures and words to sell your business to potential customers? Do they understand your business?

Many businesses are tempted by the cut price, discount web developers in India. But how can they understand your business? If you are a Broome based business can you even trust a web developer from the east coast? If they have never been to Broome, how can you? I was recently setting up a meeting with a client from Perth. She was only in Broome for a day and wanted to meet. I was in Fitzroy Crossing so said I was unable to meet. ‘Can’t you pop back to Broome for a quick meeting’, was her response. People outside of Broome just don’t understand the unique market we operate in.

So back to web developers. Mangoes works with some great ones. They can build the exact websites we ask for, but they need direction and coordination.

At Mangoes we draw on all of our 20 years of experience and broad marketing skills. We have built or coordinated dozens of websites for happy clients. We listen to our clients to find out about their business. Once we understand exactly what the client needs and wants we talk to out developers. We supply our website developers with a full brief and ready made, targeted content. That way businesses get the effective website they deserve.

You might think that developing websites with Mangoes would be more expensive than a web developer. This is not the case. Mangoes Marketing offers great value websites for any business. Ask us for a quote.

For mobile responsive websites in Broome – Choose Mangoes.